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With its huge tourist industry and large population of residents who have moved there from the United States mainland, the freight container to Hawaii industry is a large and thriving industry. A containerport in Hawaii is likely to receive more than the average percentage of personal goods, since the islands of this state have become increasingly popular for permanent and long-term residents from the continental U.S. and elsewhere.

Even though a container to Hawaii of household goods may be relatively more common than in many other countries, it will be handled in exactly the same way as it is elsewhere. This is because all container ports throughout the world operate in an identical way. Standardization of container freight shipments began back in the 1960s, overseen by the International Organization for Standardization (IOS), which determined the sizes of container units and other aspects of the industry.

There are several types of containers that are used for various purposes. There are refrigertated units, called "reefers," there are hazardous materials units, which go on special vessels and there are open topped units. However, the most widely used container unit is the standard dry goods container. Household goods sent by container to Hawaii almost always go in this type of unit, which opens at the front for convenience and efficiency.

All of the different types of containers are in multiples of the same basic size. Called a "TEU," which is an acronym for "Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit," a container of forty feet in length is 2TEU or twice the size of a 20 foot unit externally. Thus, two 1 TEU containers can be stacked neatly and solidly on top of a 2 TEU container to Hawaii.

Every container to Hawaii travels across the open Pacific. In both the summer and winter months, the vessels carrying these containers may run into heavy seas. As large as they are, they still travel across choppy seas that often have large groundswells generated from the Arctic regions in winter and the Antarctic in summer. The vessels will rise and fall with the swells and pitch from side to side. For this reason, containers must be "stuffed" (packed) securely. There is nothing more dangerous than a container to Hawaii that if filled with loose cargo.

International container shipping has been going strong for over half a century now. Thanks to organizations that have studied all the safety issues surrounding container freight travel, minimum strengths of lashings facilities have been determined to make sure that personal goods do not break free during their voyage. The only error that remains is human error. Because of this, it is in the customer's interest and the interests of the ship's crew to be doubly cautious when stuffing a container to Hawaii, whether the consumer decides to stuff it their self or contract with a container freight company to do it for them.

If a container to Hawaii is not completely filled with household goods, extra stuffing and lashings should be used. These might include heavy duty inflatable bags, old tires, wooden props and other types of support that will prevent the contents from shifting in transit. If in doubt, the shipper is advised to get their container freight company to oversee the stuffing of their container to Hawaii. If due precautions are taken, the household goods will arrive safely, just as millions of other goods do every year.

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